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We are a STEAM Education resource and service provider, catering for learning from EYFS through to FE/HE. Our mission is to help children and adults become passionate about STEAM education, by giving them the opportunity to get hands on and creative, with fun and engaging resources which will allow them to develop 21st Century Learning Skills and build Confidence in STEAM Learning.

Our aim is to help you to identify and implement the best resources to suit your own needs, through consultancy, training, and ongoing support.
We will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that resources are used to their full potential in enhancing the education of your pupils.
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Meet our instructors

Ross Maguire

Director of Edutainment & Training
Ross is on a mission to ‘Inspire the Creators of Tomorrow’ has led Ross to engage over 100,000 young people in this time, giving Ross has a wealth of experience in the use of and delivery of education resources in a host of environments. From classroom settings to youth groups, extracurricular and more. 

Neil Taylor

Neil has a passion for allowing pupils to get creative in the classroom, and strongly believes in the power of hands-on learning to engage and inspire pupils, and help instil a passion for everything STEAM related that will last right the way through education and into future careers.

Niamh Gregory

Creative Instructor
Niamh is passionate about getting young people involved in STEM and closing opportunity gaps, increasing their skills and equipping girls with tools to foster a more equitable learning environment that promotes innovation skills, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Michael Lyon

Creative Instructor
Michael has a strong interest in how Technology is used to in the real world to help us in our everyday life, always seeking out new ways in which it can be used, and wants to pass on that knowledge to the teachers and pupils that he works with!
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